10 Tips To Save Battery of Your Smartphone and Tablet

Save Battery of Your Smartphone and Tablet: The smartphons now a days are so feature packed but these devices cannot be said as battery packed. The biggest complaint about these devices is the battery life. The displays are getting bigger and bigger, the processors are getting much faster but there is not enough juice to power it up. Theres a slight improvement in batteries (except some) as compared to other technology. To improve your Android, iOS, Windows running device battery life just follow our 10 useful battery saving tips and feel the difference.

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Brightness :- Your phone’s or tablet’s display is the most battery consumer. Set the brightness to “Auto” and shorter time outs. Also some phone has a backlight option also set it to minimum.
Bluetooth :- Trun off Bluetooth when not in use. And also turn off the Bluetooth headset if you have one.
Sync off :- Trun off the Auto sync. Some apps use the data connection regularly the consumes ram and battery both. Perform a refresh manually.
C-D-R :- That means Charge fully, Discharge fully and Repeat. Keep doing this atleast twice or thrice a month to get most of your battery. And whenever you buy a new device switch off it and charge for atleast 8 hours 2-3 times. This increases battery life
Wi-Fi and Data connection :- Switch off the Wi-Fi and the Data connection when not in use. Disable auto search for Wi-Fi networks
Clean up time :- Uninstall all the useless app which you don’t use. Just get rid of them. They not only use the storage but also your ram and internet connection. These background processes drains battery
No vibrations :- Turn off Haptic feedback and the Vibration mode. Every time your device vibrates it consume battery. Vibration drains much battery than ringtones
Location :- GPS and other Geo location based apps like Twitter, Foursquare and Maps are battery eaters. Kill them by task killer or stop them
Upload and sync :- If your are a cloud service user for music, storage syncing and other services than make sure they are set to Wi-Fi only. This will reduce time consumption and also your precious 2/3/4G data connection.
Widgetized power :- Use the built in Power control widgets for quickly toggling your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc
Extra tip :- Kill the unnecessary tasks running in the background
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