How to activate and use an iPhone without a SIM

Nowadays smartphone has become part and partial of our daily life. We all are equipped with different made and models of smartphones.

But when it comes to the most trusted brand of the smartphone undoubtedly everybody raises their hands for Apple’s iPhone.We all know the iPhones are well known for its cutting edge latest technology and one of the most secure phone till date.

This is why it’s difficult to Activate and use an iPhone without a SIM Card

If you have an extra iPhone with you and you are unable to use it without inserting a sim card in it. As the post title, itself make it loud and clear in this post you will come to know all the possible way to Activate and use an iPhone without a sim. So what you need to do is just go through this post and follows the method mentioned here carefully.

Activate and use an iPhone without a SIM Card

Top 3 Ways to Activate iPhone Without SIM

Here we will discuss the Top three trusted way to activate the iPhone without a SIM card. We will discuss all the method under a separate heading. You can try any of the methods out of three to activate your iPhone. All the methods have their own pros and cons which we will discuss in details.

Note: There is might be a chance that a particular method to Activate an iPhone without a sim card will not work for you. So we recommend trying all the below mention method to activate your iPhone without a sim card. 

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Activating an iPhone without SIM using iTunes on a computer

Here we are starting with the easiest and trusted method to activate an iPhone without a sim card. After going through feedback and online reviews we found this method is very easy and preferred by most of the users.

Before going to try this method you should have some basic tools for this.


  • If your iPhone is locked you should have an iPhone unlocking service, which will be required only if your phone is not yet unlocked.
  • You should have a computer running an updated version of iTunes.
  • A tool to remove the sim card from sim slot.

Once you ready with the requirements follow the below mention steps carefully.

STEP#1 Connect your iPhone through USB to laptop or computer having an updated version of iTunes running on it.

STEP#2 Within a few minutes, a prompt will appear on the screen follow the instruction appears in the prompt carefully.

STEP#3 After successfully following the steps appear in the prompt screen. Now you are ready to use your iPhone without a SIM card. Now connect with a wifi network and start using like iPads.

Isn’t it very easy and simple?

Activate iPhone without a SIM using the Emergency Call

It is also very easy and one of the most trusted way to activate and use an iPhone without a SIM card. Let’s have a look

  • First of all switch on your iPhone.
  • Once you switch on the phone you will see a message on your phone’s screen NO SIM CARD INSTALLED
  • Now Press Home Button. You will see an option to make an emergency call.
  • Now dial any emergency number such as 100,101, or 112. Just after dialling the number press power button and disconnect the call.
  • After disconnecting the call you will directly land on the home page of your iPhone.
  • Now you are ready to use your iPhone without inserting a SIM Card.

Activating an iPhone without SIM Using iPhone jailBreak

In the list of top three way to Activate iPhone without a SIM Card, I have put this on the third position because if you failed to use your iPhone without sim card even after following the above-mentioned tricks. This trick will definitely work for any model of iPhone.

Apart from this one major reason behind listing it in the third position because it requires high skills for iPhone jailbreak.

NOTE: While going for iPhone jailbreak make sure you are skilled of doing this. Any wrong steps in iPhone jailbreaking may cause temporary or permanent damage to your phone so be careful

  1. iPhone Jailbreak is a process to change inbuilt iPhone software to remove restrictions and limitations imposed by the manufacturer of iPhone i.e Apple.
  2. Once you successfully complete the iPhone Jailbreak you can install any other software or modify the existing one as per your requirement.
  3. So once you go for jailbreak you remove all restrictions and you can use your iPhone without inserting SIM Card in it.
  4. It is highly recommended not to go for the jailbreak of new iPhones because it also spoils your iPhone warranty. 


Here we have listed the top three methods to use an iPhone without inserting SIM Card. The first two methods are not risky so we recommend you to go for the first two methods and try the third method only if you are an expert in iPhone jailbreak. If you face any difficulties at any stage feel free to write us on the comments box given below.


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