How To Add Admin To Facebook Group [ Full Guide ]

Hii! I am here with a very relevant topic on how to add Admin to facebook group. We all know that Facebook is the most popular and the most used social networking site in the world.

Facebook provides numbers of exciting and relevant features so that the user can easily communicate with each other. Today in this topic, I will discuss one of the most popular features Facebook Group and how to manage it effectively. So let’s start with a brief introduction.

How To Add Admin To Facebook Group

What is the Facebook Group?

Facebook group is one of the most exciting features of Facebook. These features enable you to create a group of different people who can share their view, thoughts, and discuss a topic among other members of the group. Precisely, in the same way, we do in real life.

The massage, image, and other contents we share in a Facebook group are visible to all members of that particular group. This feature is beneficial for providing a piece of information to numbers of at a time just post your information in everyone in the group access the information in no time.

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What is Mean by Facebook Group Admin?

The person who creates a Facebook Group is the by default admin of that particular group. He or she can manage the group. Admin has also power to add or remove the members from the group. Only the group admin can make modification in groups, and it gives an edge over another group member. 

With increasing numbers of members in the group some times, it becomes difficult for a single admin to manage the group effectively. In that case, we need to add Facebook group admins to mage the facebook group efficiently.

How To Add Facebook Group Admin?

Here I am mentioning the step by step guide on how to add Facebook Group Admin in details. If you want to add an admin to your Facebook group follows the steps mention below.

#1 Log into your Facebook account and fill your correct details for login i.e., Login Id and Password.

#2 On the left side of the screen, you will find a group icon tap on it.

#3 Once you click on Groups Icon, you will see something like “”Groups You Manage”” Choose the group in which you want to add an Admin.

#4 Click on Members. This links you to a page where you have all members of the group alphabetically listed out.

#5 Click on the dotted text box beside a group member.

#6 Click on Make admin


These are the elementary 6 steps which you need to follow to add an admin to a Facebook group. While making someone, an admin makes it sure he or she is suitable or not. Because a group admin will have the same privilege, you are availing. He/she can add or remove members edit the post and all.