Change the Android version to 4.1,4.2 or 5.0 on phone/tablet

Yes you can change the Android version displayed in the About phone to 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 or SKYTECH v1.0 whatever you want  

Note:- This will not upgrade your device. It’s just a trick to fool people.

Requirements:- A rooted Android device, Root explorer & patience


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So let’s Start..!! (Video Tutorial)
1.  Start the Root Explorer app.
2. Go to System folder its in the root if the device
3. Make sure that System is in Read/Write from the top right corner.
4. Look for a file named build.prop in system folder.
5. Long press it for Options and then choose Text editor.
7. Search the line as followed and then change the text after = sign to whatever you like your Android version to be displayed.
8. Press back and hit Save.
9. Exit the app and Reboot or simply Power off and on it.
That’s it…its done now check the edited version in Settings>About phone> Android version

To get back to the original:- Just delete the build.prop and rename the build.prop.bak again to build.prop and reboot 😉

Suggestions, get some cool Launchers and Themes from play store and make your friends believe it… 😉

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