CyanogenMod the leading custom rom developers for a huge range of smartphones recently launched their Nightlies build for the Samsung Galaxy S4. And now the CM  team has some good news for the HTC One owners that they will soon release a build for One. As of now the CM 10.1 Unofficial port for the One is under development. They have successfully managed to get the radio, wifi and bluetooth working. But one of the most important part of the One its camera is yet to be functional. It is still to be tweaked and make it working so you can expect a functional rom very soon.

Here’s what the official statement look like


“Well, we made good progress during the last few days. As you can see radio, wifi and bluetooth are up. Both speakers are working and calling is also possible. Except via Headset. Srsly, wayne Headset. Currently we’re trying to get the Camera up and running. It hardly tries to come up and wants to say “Hello Cody” but somehow fails straight before it can do that.
Give us a few more days and
CyanogenMod will rock your One like a boss!”

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