Android 4.2 the latest version brings many new features. Previously we showed you How to install Jelly Bean 4.2 Camera and Gallery. And now the Quick Toggles found in same Android 4.2
Quick Settings is an app developed by Mappz development that gives users of Android versions 2.3 and newer the same toggles as those found in Jelly Bean. Once started, the app displays a notification in the notification area emulating the time, day, and date of the notification area found on Jelly Bean. Upon selection, the neat rows of toggles appear with the same aesthetic design and appearance of Jelly Bean toggles. A selection of customization options are offered, among them being the ability to enable or disable certain toggles, rearrange the order of toggles, and choosing how many toggles per row. There is Pro version to unlock all the features.
App can Toggle:
• User toggle
• Battery indicator
• Ringer mode (normalvibrate/silent)
• Settings panel
• Task killer
• Auto-brightness switch (auto/normal)
• Screen dimmer (black transparent overlay for better battery use)
• Rotation toggle (Auto-rotate on/off)
• Airplane mode
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Data
• Torch / Flashlight
• Wakelock (Keerps screen on)
• QuickSettings configuration
Download it from Play Store
Download it from Dropbox
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