How Do I Get My WhatsApp Business Account Verified?

In the last few years, all the leading social networking sites emerged as the best marketing platforms. Every world-famous social networking sites had come up with their business account either it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

Recently the world largest social networking app Whatsapp owned by the Facebook has also introduced its own Whatsapp Business Account. Like the blue tick of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Whatsapp has also introduced a Green Badge with a tick, but the major difference is, this Green Badge is only for WhatsApp Business Account not for individuals like Facebook and Twitter. WhatsApp provides a green badge with tick only for Whatsapp Business Verified Accounts.

According to WhatsApp, “A business account on WhatsApp can either be listed as an ‘Official business account’ or a regular ‘Business account’. A business can’t request or pay to turn a ‘Business account’ into an ‘Official business account‘”.

But the major concern is currently Whatsapp not providing Green Badge to every business owner. For getting a Green Badge you should have a Verified Whatsapp business Account.

In this post, we will provide you step by step guide on How To Get My WhatsApp Business Account Verified? So that you can get a Green badge for your business number.How to Verified Badge for Whatsapp Bussiness Account

How To Get My WhatsApp Business Account Verified?

As I have already mentioned only a Verified Whatsapp Business user can get a Green Badge with Tick mark. So we are here to help you out in getting your Whatsapp Business Account Verified.

Here are some of the important points which you need to know if you really want to get your Whatsapp Business Account Verified

Requirements for verifying your WhatsApp Business number:

  1. Only phone numbers owned by you can be verified. Both mobile and landline numbers can be used.
  2. The phone number must be active to be able to receive SMS or phone calls.
  3. All the call blocking settings and apps should be disabled on the number.
  4. A strong internet connection via mobile data or WiFi is required for the verification to work.
  5. If you’re verifying a landline number, then tap on ‘Call me’. You’ll then receive a call on the landline with the verification code.

Once you ready with the above mentioned basic requirements. Now you need to follow the below-mentioned trick to get your Whatsapp Business Account Verified.

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Trick To Get Whatsapp Business Account Verified

  • First of all, make sure you have a number associated with your business.
  • Now Make sure any of your Friend has saved your number in his/her contacts in the business column
  • Download the latest Whatsapp beta for Android
  • Install Whatsapp beta on your phone
  • Open your WhatsApp and Complete your profile
  • Check your WhatsApp account/Number from the other’s phone.
  • Now you will see the Green verification badge in front of your name.
    That’s all!!! You have successfully verified your WhatsApp Profile with Green Tick mark.


This is how you get your Whatsapp Business Account Verified. It may take some time in getting your Whatsapp Business Account verified. Don’t miss to share your experience after using the above-mentioned trick with us.