If you have an Android smartphone then you must have heard about ” ROOTING”
So What is it? Why people root their devices? What are the Advantages and the Disadvantages?
Rooting in ANDROID is the process which allows users of
smartphones, tablets, and other devices to gain Full control on their device, in short, you’ll gain “Root access” of the device. It is performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices. After rooting you will have an app called “Superuser” or “SuperSU” which is necessary for providing permissions to apps



Benefits:- If you rooted your device successfully you’ll have root access you can now easily remove the bloatware, apps that come with your phone, manually deny app permissions, run a firewall access the entire file system, or tether your device, with tethering apps on Play store.

You can also give root permissions to apps that require root access, Overclock the device or install custom recovery…etc. These list is never ending

Disadvantages:- So all these were the benefits. There are some Disadvantages which you should know.

Rooting Breaks Warranty:– Some manufacturers assert that rooting voids your device’s warranty. But rooting will not actually damage your hardware. You can also “Unroot” your device and your manufacturer won’t be able to know whether your device was rooted or not you can simply Fool them 😉

Bricking:– Rooting a device is a very safe process unless it is a tested method. But still, there are there are some chances of “bricking” a device when you don’t follow the rooting process properly and hack around with it For example: If you’re trying to root a device not supported by a tool or app you might Brick your device. “Bricking” means to break the device, making the device useless. When you root your beloved device and try to install a custom ROM, or otherwise hack around, you do so at your own risk. We will suggest you to do a bit of research first and see if other people report success rooting your device. And Don’t follow the process meant for other devices.

So should you Root your device??

Conclusion:- If u ask me then I would suggest you do so. But only if you want to do special things and you are an extraordinary user. And if you are a Newbie than first understand all the thing mentioned above and do a bit research on the Internet.


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