Hotstar Premium Account Cookies: Get Username & Password

Hey folks! Are you looking for the tips and trick for Hotstar Premium Account for Free? Hotstar Premium Account Cookies? Hotstar Premium account username and password? Are You??? In this post, you will get the answer to all your queries So let’s start.

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In this era of cutting edge technology, we all have witnessed a tremendous change in each and every field of our life. The mode of entertainment has also witnessed a drastic change and all the credits go to video streaming applications and video sharing platforms.

Now a day there are lots of videos streaming apps streaming different shows movies sports and many more. But when it comes to a specialized sports streaming app the best Available app in the market is Hotstar. 

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Hotstar Premium Account Cookies
Hotstar Premium Account Cookies

What is Hotstar Premium?

As I had already mentioned above the Hotstar is one of the best Sports streaming App owned by the Star Group and if you are a sports lover especially cricket fan I am pretty much sure that you have used the Hotstar App for watching live cricket Match.

Earlier Hotstar only streams the sports matches but in recent time its also started to stream the Movies, daily shops, and its original web series and sponsored contents but for watching all these contents you need to have a Hotstar Premium Account which is a paid service.

But you do not need to worry we will tell you how to get a Hotstar premium  Account for free. Now what you need to do is read the full post.

Why should I go For Hotstar Premium Account

When we talk about Hotstar Premium Account the first things which come in our mind is why Hotstar Premium, not Hotstar? So here are some of the points which gives you valid reasons to move from Hotstar to Hotstar Premium Account.

Benefits Of  Hotstar Premium Account

  • Hotstar offers Premium English shows and movies are only to its premium users such as The game of thrones aka GOT English serial is only available for Hotstar premium users
  • The Hotstar Premium membership grants you access to all Hotstar premium shows which are currently available on the platform as well as the titles which they will add in future.
  •  Online live streaming of All sports such as cricket, football, etc is available for premium members only.
  • Apart from this, all the TV serials stream on Star Network.

After knowing the benefits of Hotstar Premium Account now we will discuss How to get HotStar Premium Account:-

How to Get a Hotstar Premium Account?

In a very small span of time Hotstar Premium successfully gain a huge fan base and subscribers and the only reason behind this grand success is the quality and variety of content available on Hotstar Premium.

Once you will get the access of Hotstar Premium account you will be able to aces the ocean of contents, such as videos, web series, sports matches all daily-shops streaming of Star channel and much more at a single place.

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Here is the step by step guide to get Hotstar Premium Account!

The very first thing which we need to do is download a Hotstar Apk file from the trusted source or you can also download the Hot Star App from the google play store.

The Hotstar App and Hotstar Apk file are free to download.

Once you successfully download app install in it your device.

NOTE: There are two ways to get Hotstar Premium Account for free we will discuss one by one.

#1 – First Trick to get Hotstar Premium Account For Free

1. Open Hotstar app or visit visit Hotstar premium subscription page. Tap on ‘start your free trial’ now.

2. If you have already a Hotstar account do Login or  Signup there for a new account.

3. You can signup through your Facebook account or you can enter your email address.

4. Now look For payment section and select Paytm wallet.

5. Make a transfer of Rs 199 using your Paytm wallet. [Don’t worry, the amount will be refunded if you cancel the subscription before 1 month.]

6. Now you are ready with your free Hotstar premium account For one month. Repeat the same step with new email id for next month.

NOTE Don’t miss to Cancel the subscription before 28 days and get RS 199 refund to your Paytm Wallet.

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#2 – Second Trick to Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free

1. The first thing you need to do is download My Airtel App or Zeta App from trusted sources or play store.

2. Sign in and go to the profile section

3. Complete the KYC verification

4. After successful KYC verification adds only Rs 5 to your wallet.

5. At the profile section, you will get a virtual credit card. Note down the card details like expiry date card number and CVV numbers.

6. Now open your Hotstar account in app or webpage

7. Click on activate the premium account

8. Click on pay using the credit card

9. Fill all the details of the card you have just created.

10. Click on complete the payment.Rs 5 will be deducted from your account and your Hotstar Premium Account will be activated. Now enjoy it for free

Note Rs 5 deducted from your account will be refunded to your wallet within 72 hours

Hotstar Premium Account Cookies

Many user think that hotstar premium account cookies method are tuff but that’s the easiest method. The thing is that how you umderstand this method. There are some steps which you have to follow for getting Hotstar premium account cookies.

But before that you must a have PC, or desktop. So let’s get started with the steps.

1. Firstly you have to open Google chrome in your PC or Desktop

2. Open menu by clicking in the corner of right-hand side, then go to ” More tools ” and then on ” Extension

3. Once you navigate to ” Extension “, now search for ” Web Developer Extenion

4. Then click on ” Add to Chrome ” and activate the extension.

5. Now open Hotstar website and the delete the cookies of the site with the help of extension and add new cookies.

6. Search in Google and download the Cookies and paste it into extension.

Free Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password

As the heading itself making it loud and clear that in this section we will provide you with a list of ready to use Hotstar Premium Account login id and password for free. If you don’t wish to go through any of the above mention tricks to get Hotstar Premium Account for free for any valid reasons.

This section is best suited for you. What you need to do is just copy and paste the below mention Hotstar Premium Account login id and password in the login section of your app and enjoy the free Hotstar premium account.

Username / ID :

Password: Lalitha

Username / ID :

Password: NAMRITA1

Username / ID :

Password: Ramesh

Note:  Hotstar Premium Subscription one Year


In this post, we have tried to cover all the working Tips and Tricks to get  Hotstar Premium Account for Free. All the tricks mentioned in the post are 100% working and tested. We update our post on a daily basis. for any queries related to Hotstar Premium Account free feel free to write in the comment box given below.