We all have TV and all other home appliances that utilizes a Remote to control them, and most of you guys may be or may not be knowing that the remote works through the Infrared Blaster (light) that’s send signals to the the TV, DVD, AC or whatever that uses a remote. The light which comes out of the LED is not visible to our eyes. Most of us start banging their remote’s when its not responding properly. But may be it needs a battery replacement. So How do you know when the battery needs to be replaced or there is damage to the remote. Follow our simple guide to check whether your remote is working or not?


  1. Take your remote and your cellphone or a camera
  2. Start the Camera in your phone or the Camera
  3. Point your remote towards the camera lens
  4. Press any key of the remote
  5. Now you’ll see a light just like the above image

If the light is bright and clearly visible then your remote is working just fine! And if its dim and not so bright that means you need to change the batteries. And is still its not showing any light in camera then your remote probably needs to be replaced.

How it works?

Every remote has a Infrared Blaster that send signals to the receiver. We cannot see the light coming from it with naked eyes. However cameras can show us these lights easily!

So next time instead of banging your remote better change the batteries of it!


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