How To Fix? Google Play Services Keep Stopping


The popularity of google play has crossed every boundary in India. There is no youngster who is not aware of Google’s success story. There has been absolutely no textbook which has not boasted about the Google success story. Google has never been in the backlight or back shadow. Every app is just a click away because of this app. The best and the most skillful engineers are there in this company developing the ultimate updates. Google never even provides you with dull movements. It is the definition of the tech industry.

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How To Fix Google Play Services Keep Stopping
How To Fix Google Play Services Keep Stopping


Google Play is basically a distribution service. It provides users like us and many other developers to download as well as launch their apps from the store. The apps have different sizes and a variety of them. The apps are categorized with the titles of Games, Sports, Academics etc. Everyone benefits largely because their apps get a world wide recognition.


The apps are priced as well to offer premium versions. The payments to buy some of the apps are contactless in nature. It connects with a lot of local as well as international banks. It supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. It works on a peer-to-peer function. The money is transferred by entering mobile number or email id.

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Google play is used by more than 2,714,499 users. The number raises by a great difference of 3793 apps every day. The total number of apps downloaded every day is 250 million. The app store has free as well as paid apps. 96% of people are the percent of the app store usage.


Once you download and install the app store on your phone, the app automatically starts to function. You will have to create your account by having your verification code sent to you. once you enter the code on the app, you become a verified user.


Google play uses your bank issued payment card which you have added. The payments are all tokenize networks. When you enter your payment details, a specific transit reader will support your protocol and accept the payment. After the transit does its part, the transit backend server will come into the picture. These backend servers will join two transactions together and process the request while connecting to the operator.


Once the connections are made and the transmission is firm, the tokenized payment becomes de-tokenized. This is where the payment will be complete and the bank statements will be issued. A special enabler known as TSP will fasten the process of tokenizing and de-tokenizing that has been received for Google Pay app. Other than that, to go to the bank or the merchant page, the google servers are every ready.



Recently, the app has been not responding. It abruptly stopped working. Many payments have been troubled and interfered in during this period. The problem went to an extent of Google Play issuing an official advisory by which the subjects can avoid trouble.


Google play is maintaining one of the most downloaded app in the finance sector. 99.9% of the apps were downloaded in India, Let alone used.

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Some major problems that are being faced by the people:

  • Settings page does not open.
  • The app shows a message “Google Play services have been stopped”
  • Force stop the app.
  • Install updates even after the latest updates were installed


In between, there were even rumors that the app has been hacked right from the transmitter to the back end servers. In fact, the google community support was hacked too. people who sent out their grievances, had received emails which asked them to provide their actual personal data. That is when the google service community released a lot of extra advisory guides and made sure they made their support sites very clear.


Many have also received pop ups in between of the app which asked for feedbacks. Some experienced a huge batter drain or drop whenever they even opened the Google Play app.

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Sometimes, it would not even be a real problem with the developers or the servers or the codes of the app.

Do check these steps and ensure that it is definitely the app that is at fault.

  • Check out if you have the latest version of the app. Because Google Play is a financial app, it will definitely be very sharp with its updates. Once the update is released, the previous version becomes weak or sometimes even disabled.
  • Clear your cache. Especially the googly play. Since the app gives you different modes of payment, it uses a lot of your phones features such as contacts and emails. So make sure that you clean up the cache. If you are experiencing the battery drain problem, make sure you try this.
  • Clear your Google play frame. The google play app is always in sync with most of the apps running in background and especially the sites you have just opened on the google page. When there are a lot of apps, especially gaming, or a lot of graphic websites open on your google, the serves get jumbled and the servers crash. So make sure you clear them before doing any transaction for smooth transition. If you have a very fussy attitude or do not remember to close tabs all the time, go to your phone settings or Google play setting and turn of the sync.
  • Check your internet connection. Many times, the wifi connections block IP addresses claiming that it is not secure or safe. Use your phone data or some other wifi connections in such cases.
  • Switch of or put your phone on airplane mode and turn it off. After 10 minutes turn it back on. It will cause all the background cache to rest.

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