Before the world of smartphones there were and still are the unforgettable Java phones. We all loved them, playing games, using small apps etc. All of us had a Java phone.  The apps aand games are that great as we have now but they were more or less useful. We still want the games and apps on our be loved android powered smartphone. And guess what you can enjoy the Java apps and Games on your Android device! With a app called JBED which is Java Emulator for android phone capable of running most of the apps.
For non-rooted device
Simply download and install the Jbed.apk your android device.
Note:- If above method doesn’t work then your device must be rooted to follow below method
Installing via CWM/ TWRP Recovery 
1. Download the flashable and transfer it your SD card.
2. Boot into Recovery mode and select Install Zip from SD card.
3. Select and install it.
4. After the installation finishes reboot your device.
And if your device doesn’t have CWM or TWRP recovery installed than follow this method.
Installation fo Rooted phones
1. Download & Extract the files and copy them to your device’s SD card.
2. Install com.esmertec android.jbed.apk normally like any other app.
3. Move the file to the path /system/lib/ in your device using any root enabled file Manager.
4. Reboot your device manually.
Installing/Running Java Apps 
1. Copy the java application (JAR or JAD file) to your SD card.
2. Start the Java application and click on SD card from the menu.
3. Select the JAR file that you want to install and run. The app will be installed now
You are good to go, start the installed app from the AP drawer of your launcher
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