How to Make any App a System app and Reverse

Apps make your Smartphone and your life easier. Some smartphones come with some useful apps stock (in-built) apps and some useless. All of us has a alternative for such apps and we want to delete the pre-loaded ones. You can make any third party app a System app for eg. You can make Nova launcher a system app. And also reverse of it such as Gmail as a non system app. Its very simple but you’ll need a rooted phone.
Requirements:- Rooted Android device, Root explorer v2.21.1 (apk free download)
1. Backup the app (suppose ADW Launcher) which you wanted to make as a system one
2. Start the root explorer, Allow Superuser permissions. Make sure that Root explorer is in “r/w” mode (toggle it from upper corner) and copy that app to System/app
3. Long press on the copied app and select permissions it should look like the image in short ” rw-r–r– ”
4. Exit root explorer and Reboot your device
5. Now go to settings and applications and have a look at your app it’s a system app now and there’s no Uninstall button.
Now How to make a System app as a Non-system (Downloaded)
1. Go to System/app and copy the desired app (suppose Facebook) to your SD Card
2. Uninstall the same app by this method
3. Install the backup of the app from your SD Card
That’t it.. Now you don’t have waste your device storage
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