How to Root iBall Andi 4.5h a.k.a Malata i8

iBall the reputed PC makers in India entered the cellphone market but didn’t manage to get create that kind a buzz. Anyways the iBall Andi 4.5h is a good phone in their line up. Its key feature is the 1GB Ram and the 8mp camera which is good for Gaming, Multitasking, and Photography… In this you will know how to Root and Unroot your Andi 4.5h in simple way. And get all the privileges of it.
Requirements:-  PC with Drivers installed on it, Rooting Kit from Here or Here  , Basic knowledge of Rooting
So lets Start…
1. Make sure that USB debugging is on your device. To enable go to Settings >Development >USB debugging
2. Extract the Rooting Kit on your PC and connect your phone. Don’t turn on USB Storage
3. In the Rooting kit folder you have extracted start the “Runme.bat” file
4. A command prompt will start now
5. Now you will get Onscreen
Instructions just follow them carefully. To start the process just type “1” and then hit Enter. Now you will get the instructions on the command
prompt follow that.
6. Your device will now reboot
Hurray your device is now Rooted..!! Now just enjoy..
Unrooting the phone :- Instep 5 instead of typing “1” type “x” and hit enter. This will Unroot your iBall Andi 4.5h

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