Install Android L Apps, Bootanimation, Ringtones, Wallpapers on any Android device

Android L is one of the biggest changes happened android since ICS days. With the new ‘Material” design the apps have also got a new visual over haul. New features are added. The iconic Android logo font have also been changed and the changes can be seeen in bootanimation as well. Just after Google released Android L developer preview  a XDA Developers member ivan123 pulled all the apks from the OS and they are now available for download. According to the developer these apps will work on almost any android device running Android 4.0 ICS and higher.

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Android L Apps

Separate apps: Download here or here

All Apps in Bulk: Download here

Google Play Services 5.0 APK: Download here

Google Search (Velvet) APK: Download here

Private Apps: Download here

Android L Stock Wallpapers: Download here

WARNING: Please BACKUP your PHONE before flashing any of the flashable ZIP files.

Android L System Fonts: Download here (flashable zip) or here (non flashable zip)

Ringtones and Alarms tunes: Download here  (flashable zip) or here (non flashable zip)

Bootanimation: Download here  (flashable zip) or here (non flashable zip)

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