Along with the most anticipated Galaxy SIV Samsung also brought tons of new features. One of them is the Touchwiz 5 launcher. We have earlier showed you How to install the Touchwiz launcher from Galaxy SIII on your devices. And now its time for one Touchwiz from Galaxy SIV. Linq’z QIrls’z Chinese is the guy behind this port for all devices. The developer has tested the launcher on most non-TouchWiz ROMs like CyanogenMod 10 and 10.1, AOKP, MIUI JB, Paranoid Android 3+ and others. The launcher works on almost all devices without any issues. But make sure your device is Properly  Rooted and also with CWM or TWRP Recovery installed on it.

For XHDPI (1280×720) devices: S4_Launcher_[XHDPI] By_Linq’zQirls’
For HDPI (480×800) devices: S4_Launcher_[HDPI] By_Linq’zQirls’
For MDPI (320×480) devices: S4 Launcher By Linq’z Qirls’
For LDPI (240×320) devices: S4 Launcher [LDPI] By Linq’


1. Download the launcher with proper resolution for your device and transfer it your root of SD card (not in any folder for convinience)
2. Backup your current ROM from “backup and restore” option in recovery (for safety but you can skip this step)
3. Go to “Advanced” and “Wipe dalvik cache” (do it before and after installation)
4. Now select “Install zip from sdcard” and then select the downloaded file and flash it
5. Go to “Advanced” and “Wipe dalvik cache” once again.
6. Get back and Reboot
Now as you press you home key you will have a TouchWiz launcher option. Viola it means you have successfully installed Touchwiz launcher off Galaxy S4 on your Non-Touchwiz device. Enjoy…!!

This port is developed by Linq’z QIrls’z Chinese on XDA here

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