Install Nokia MixRadio on any Android device and Enjoy Free Music

Nokia  launched its music streaming service Nokia MixRadio back in 2012 for Windows Phone devices. But with the launch of  Nokia X the have made android compatible app only for Nokia X. Nokia MixRadio is pretty interesting service for music streaming. It supports online as well as offline music streaming. A XDA Developers senior member opssemnik has managed to port the app from the Nokia X to other android devices running Android 4.1.2 or higher. So heres a simple guide for How to Install Nokia MixRadio on any Android device.


  1. Download the Nokia MixRadio Installer apk from here and transfer it your device
  2. Open it and Click on Install MixRadio
  3. Wait till you see the install window for MixRadio pops up,
  4. Now install the Nokia Mix Radio

NOTE:- After is MixRadio installed you can close the Installer and Uninstall it. It is not needed for Mix Radio to function.

So that’s it you have successfully installed Nokia MixRadio on your android phone or tablet.

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