Z launcher is a homescreen replacement for your Android devices. Its a Nokia’s try to mgmake your device intuitive. It displays only a few items on the screen that are important to you. There’s the time, date and one upcoming calendar events at the top of the screen, with the remainder of the screen dedicated to a couple apps, contacts or web pages. Five static shortcuts at the bottom of the. screen, but the majority of the launcher screen is occupied by six additional shortcuts which might be a combination of apps, contacts or web pages that you most often visit.

Based on your usage, Z Launcher learns and
evolves. And it also remembers the apps you use most frequently, and at what times of the day you use.them. The launcher then automatically displays content that you’re most likely to use at a certain time.

It has a “Scribble” feature that puts everything on Android just a few swipes away. Scribble lets you scribble letters anywhere on the launcher screen in order to open an.app. So you can, for example,.scribble a “F” and then a “T” to open up Twitter etc. As you draw a letter, a list drills down the apps, web pages or contacts that match, until you get to the desired item and tap it. The next time you scribble the same thing, Z launcher will remember the content you accessed and surface it higher in the list. Zlauncher is currently available for free as a pre-beta release, and can be downloaded through Nokia’s new ZLauncher.com  website (only limited number of downloads available).


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