Roku Private Channel List with Code 2022 [Updated ]

If you are looking for the Roku Private Channel list you have landed on the perfect post here you will get a Roku Private Channel List with100% working codes, but before this, I would love to give a very brief introduction of Roku

Now a day the cable TVs are in their down phase because the internet is providing all the latest contents very effectively and without limitation of the sensor. To provide you with the latest way of entertainment there are lots of company making a device to connect your regular TV with the world of the internet.

Roku is one of the world-leading company which makes media device to connect your television set with the world of the internet. Which allows its user to stream the content from the internet on your personal TV Screen. It comes in the form of Physical box or a device called a streaming stick. Once you connect this device to your Television Set you will get a Roku streaming platform. Read my recent article Xmovies8 Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows

Roku Private Channel list

How to install Roku Private Channel?

Before going for some of the famous and useful Roku Private Channel lists. Let’s have a quick look at who to install the channels on Roku.

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Here I am mentioning the step by step process to install Roku Private Channel on your device. If you have done it before it’s okay the first time user follow the steps mentioned below carefully and you will easily install Roku private channel on your device.

  • Visit the Roku official site and select My account.
  • Now sign in to your existing Roku account or if you are first-time user Signup by filling your required details
  • Now select add channel with a code under manage account.
  • In the add channel pop up, enter the unique code to add the channel
  • Enter the channel and select “add channel”.
  • Now it will ask for confirmation. Select Yes adds channel
  • It will take one day I mean 24 hours for the channel to show up on your Roku.
  • If you want to check immediately, go to settings > System > System Update > Check Now.

Following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily install your favourite Roku Private channel list.

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Roku Private Channels List 2021 with Codes

Here are some of the best-handpicked Channels with their working codes. All the Private Channel list mentioned below is tested with their working Codes. So, now what you need to do is go through the list given below and choose your favourite Roku Private Channel list with its working codes and enjoy the streaming of your favourite videos.

#1 Nowhere TV

Access Code: H9DWC

Nowhere Tv is the most-watched Private channel of Roku. This channel has a huge fan following across the world. The reason behind this much popularity of this channel is the availability and quality of content you get here.

Here you can watch almost all the government Channel such as BBC, CNN, NASA TV. International news from Al Jazeera (English, American, and Arabic) and PBS, Adult Swim shows, and Universal Sports Network. Apart from this, you can also watch TEDx Talks and much more.

#2 Roku Movies

Access code: zb34ac

The name of this private channel itself made it loud that this channel is dedicated movie channel available for Roku Private Channel list.

If you are a movie lover then this channel should be in your Roku Private Channel list. It has a great collection of movies from different genres such as Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy and many more.

#3 Great Chefs

Access Code: greatchefs

If you love to eat and cook, then Great Chefs should be in your Roku Private channel list. It has more than 700 episodes. The world most famous and established Chef teaches you how to make new yummy dishes for yourself and your family.

So If you love cooking don’t miss to add Great Chefs to your Roku Private channel list.

#4 Wilderness Channel

Access code: fl821095

This channel is meant for Animal lovers. If you are an animal lover or love to watch about the animals and their habits, lifestyle and all, this Wilderness Channel should be in your Roku Private Channel list.

This channel is the best replacement of National Geography, Animal Planet and Discovery TV. This channel is all about hunting, fishing and survival Training.

If you are missing the famous Man v/s Wild from Discovery TV now after installing Wilderness Channel you are not going to miss it because here you will find lots of shows like Man vs Wild.

#5 Ace TV

Access code: acetv

If you are an adult you can add Ace TV in your Roku Private Channel list. I am saying this because Ace Tv is an exclusive channel only for adults.

Here you will get contents like B-movie action, horror Movie, sci-fi, and kung-fu movies and a lot more.

Apart from these, you can also watch some of the old movies related to the above categories. The best thing about this channel is its contents which are good and regularly updated.

#6 Space-Time

Access Code: CN6MRTG

This is one of the most popular Roku Channel especially among the science enthusiasts. If you also love to explore new knowledge about space and planets this channel should be on the top of your Roku Private Channel list.

The Space-Time channel provides you with all things and the latest information related to space which including content from world space agencies like NASA, ISRO and many more.

#7 Maddy Mation

Access code: maddymation

After covering all the genres such as News, Movies, Cooking, Science, Animals, and Adult now its time to introduce you with the Maddy Motion for all animation and cartoon lovers.

This channel is dedicated to Cartoons and Animation you can add this to your kids. Here you will get a variety of cartoon with without any ads in between the streaming.


In this post, I have only mentioned the best Channel of popular genres. Which you should have in your Roku Private Channel list. If you have this channel in your list you will enjoy all types of contents.

Apart from the above-mentioned list you there are also several other Channel, which you can add from any trusted source. If you have any enquiry about the Roku or RokuPrivate channel list feel free to write in the comment box given below. We love to answer your queries.



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