Top 10 Site Like Craigslist 2021 {Updated}

Top 10 site like Craigslist: In the last few years, we have witnessed a lot of changes around us. When you observe these changes the one thing which you find common in all these changes is the presence of the internet.

Craigslist is one of the best examples of it. This website has completely revolutionised the classified advertisement organisation just by placing all its service online and rule the board for several years.

Site Like Craigslist

But with due course of time, some other good player in Classified advertisements comes into existence with some additional features which are not available with Craigslist. In this post, I will provide you with the list of Top 10 site like Craigslist along with their pros and cons.

Top 10 Site Like Craigslist

Craigslist is a site where you can buy or sell junks it may be your grandfather’s old car or your outdated music system. It provides a variety of categories for its customer from car to personal hookups almost everything.

No doubt Craigslist is one of the best-classified sites but there are several other classified sites like craigslist which are in the market some of them have even more better than Craigslist in some categories.

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As the tile, itself make it loud and clear that here you will get the Top ten alternatives of Craigslist. The classified sites list in this list is chosen on the basis of service, customer reviews, Security and quality of services and products. So let’s start with the number 10.

#10: BackPage (

BackPage is widely known as one of the popular sites like Craigslist. The user of this website also believes that the BackPage is even better than the Craigslist and when we ask them why they are placing it above craigslist the answer was same from everybody is its service on cheap rates.

BackPage covers a good region on the globe from Europe to Asia, the United States to the middle east, Canda, Australia, Africa and Egypt etc.

It has a good product range and it also offers adult categories. It is cheap and easy to use.

#9: Ads Globe (

When we talk about the sites like Craigslist you can’t ignore the AdsGlobe.These classified sites gain huge popularity in a very short span of time and this is only because of its service and list of categories.

For using its service you have to register yourself or you can signup using your Facebook. Its automatically detect your location if you have location enabled in your device. Here you will find all the categories available with Craigslist.

#8: Geboo (

Geboo is considered as one of the safest and secure alternatives of Craigslist. This website offers lots of safety tips for buyer and seller to avoid any types of scam. It has a wide range of categories.

The best thing which users like about the Geboo is if you got scammed you can report and Geboo looks into it to resolve the issue. If you are looking for a safe and secure site like Craigslist then Geboo is best suited for you.

#7: 10day Ads (

If you are looking for post your ads on multiple locations the 10 day Ads will be the best-suited alternative of Craigslist for you. It provides more reach to your ads.

The best things which I like most about the 10 Days Ads that you can post image and videos of your product or service. It includes all the categories available with the Craigslist.

#6: Classifiedads (

Classifiedads is one of the best alternatives for the Craigslist. It is one of the oldest websites in this list have a global presence. It provides a huge range of categories and its major attraction is its personal section game which is getting more popular with every passing day.

If you are looking for a personal service this site is the best suited for you and you will definitely get your desired service here.

#5: Gum Tree (

Gum Tree manages to get the fifth position in the list of Top 10 site like craigslist because Tree Gum is the most popular and number one classified site of UK(United Kingdom). The one thing which I would like to clear it is not only limited to the UK but it has it good presence in Australia and South Africa and gaining momentum in US also.

If you are willing to advertise your product in this reason this is the best suited for you.

#4: Olx (

Olx is one of the best alternatives to craigslist with a presence over more than 100 countries Olx is the best-classified site for buying and selling junks in your locality.

The product range or you can say categories olx have is much more than any other classified website here product range from bungalow to used cooking utensils car to vegetable cutter everything is available here. This is the most famous site like Craigslist in India.

#3: Locanto (

If you are located in the United States of America and looking for a site like Craigslist Locanto is meant for you. It doesn’t mean that only user from the US can access this. It is also available in Australia, Canada, South Africa and North Amerca.

The best thing about this classifies site is it allows you to used HTML codes, links videos ads pictures in your ads show that you can make it more catchy and attractive. it also allows you to run your ads for the continuous day without any extra charges.

#2: Bookoo (

Bookoo is a very similar site to Craigslist this is why I have listed it on the second position in the list of top ten site like Craigslist. It has region specific different sites so that you can easily buy and sell a product and service in your nearby locality.

It provides a handful of information about the seller so that the fraud or scam can be checked. If you want to sell a product you have to create an account and provide all your details.

Bookoo is gaining a huge market place on a daily basis and this is only because of a large variety of categories and service available on this site.

#1: Oodle( The Best Site Like Craigslist

Here it comes the best site like Craigslist. Yeah, Oodle is the most prefered sites by the users. This is the sites which won the most positives reviews from its user 90% of its user prefer Oodle as their first choice.

Oodle is very similar to the Craigslist it has a huge user base and product of all categories but it is much known for its three verticals i.e pets, new vehicles and a new place to live the Oodle has the best option for you. Using the service of this site you can easily find anything in a nearby location. It is safe and secure for deals.

So if you are looking for the most similar site like craigslist here is the Oodle for you.


All the above-mentioned sites are selected on the basis of their service and user reviews. In this article, we have only mentioned the features which make the sites different from others the features which are common in each site are not mentioned here.

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