Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Save your Data usage on your Phone & Tablet

Other than Calling and Texting we mostly use of phones or tablets for surfing internet and other online activities. 2G/3G/4G we all use these services. Most of the people pay a lot of money for the internet plans which as always offers limited data for the consumers. The Bills you paid till now will be more than the price of your smartphone or tablet. To save your Money and Data plan we have made a comprehensive guide of some Tips & Tricks that you can use to save some money on you phone bills

Tip #1 Turn off Data when not on use

This is the first most important tip in our list, because most of the people don’t turn off the mobile data access when its not in use. Due to this apps running in background still consume data and that also slows down your device

Tip #2 Kill Tasks and Apps running in background

As we said in the first tip the apps running in the background can still consume alot data. Disable such apps for eg. Weather widgets can still connect to the internet when you are not using it.

Tip #3 Do not stream Videos and Music

Avoid streaming Videos and Music on your cellular connection. Try to use a Wi-Fi connection is possible this will definitely save tons of data for your future use

Tip #4 Update apps on Wi-Fi Only

Whenever theres an update for any app don’t update it using your mobile data connection. If you have a android device you can Turn on Update apps on Wi-Fi only options from settings menu in Google Play store. Always try to update apps through a Wi-Fi connection.

Tip #5 Turn off 3G/4G data Access

If you are android user there is a option on the phone settings that lets you turn off 3G/4G connection. So switch to slower connection like 2G or Edge is better idea when you use data consuming app like messengers etc.

Tip #6 Get a Good Browser

Switching to a different browser will be helpful to you.  Browsers like Opera Mini require very less amount of data because the compress the websites to load in less data and on a faster rate. You can save atleast 60-70% of data using Opera Mini

Tip #7 Disable Data Roaming

When you travel to another country orb state, be sure you’re well aware of their roaming rates as it’ll be significantly higher (and on top of) your existing data plan. Some carriers offer various travel plans, so be sure to consider one to avoid a nasty surprise on your bill. When in doubt, disable data roaming in the Options/Settings section of your smartphone.

Tip #8 Activate Firewall on your device

Firewall is a very usefull tool to restrict apps to connect to internet. You can block the internet connection of the apps which display adds and consume data for no good reasons. If you are Rooted Android user or a Jailbroken user you can simply download any firewall app from Google Playstore or Cydia.

Tip #9 Turn Off Loading Images (Only for Extreme Data Savers)

Use Opera Mini browser and disable the Load Images options from the settings. This will stop loading any images from the web and will only allow Text to load up. This can save 90-99% data to load a website.

Tip #10 Control Yourself

If you need to do any major email correspondence or extensive web surfing, ask yourself if it can wait until you get to a computer. Just because you can do it on a smartphone doesn’t mean you should – especially over cellular connectivity.

Tip #11 A Extra Tip

Follow all our tips and feel the difference. If you loved our guide and found it usefull then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family and help them to save some money!

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