Top 5 Website Like G2A

Website Like G2A: Since my childhood, the one things which I always love to do for relaxing myself is Playing Video Games. And I am very much sure that you guys landed on this post only because you also have the affection with the Video Games.

When we talk about the latest game and source for getting it the first thing which comes in mind of every video game lover is G2A.

Undoubtedly the G2A is the best place to get latest videos games and its accessories. But it is also a fact that very brand adds their brand value in the price of their product and due to this, the product gets costly. In this post, I am here with the top five alternatives of G5A or you can also say Top 5 website like G2A.

List of Similar Website Like G2A

Whenever we talk about the alternative for a particular product or service it is always advisable to compare apple to apple then only you will find the correct alternatives.

Website like G2A
Website like G2A

So after doing a lot of research and brainstorming, I am here with the top 5 similar websites like G2A. All the below mentioned websites are shorted on the basis of their Quality of product and services after comparing the same with G2A. Let’s have a look.

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When we talk about a similar website like G2A the First position held by the or I can also call it the Best Alternative of G2A. This website has many similar qualities as the G2A. Here are some of the key features of Kinguin on the basis of which I am putting it on the top of the list of Best alternatives of G2A.

Availability of Games And Streamkey: Kinguin has a huge collection of latest games and stream key of various games. The best part of this website is the varieties of games available.

User Interface: When you visit this website you will never feel that you are visiting it for the first time. The interface is very smooth and all the content or products are in a well-organized manner. You will easily get the game and accessories of your choice.

Price:  This is one of the most important reasons behind looking for the alternate of G2A. Kinguin offers a comparatively cheap price for the same product and apart from this it also offers extra discount and a special discount for its premium members.

Payment Gateway: The payment gateway of Kinguin is very secure and smooth.

#2 – GamesDeal: is the second website in the list of Top 5 similar website like G2A after selection of this website is also done on the same parameters. It is a website where you can buy, sell and trade video games with other patrons at Games deals, in return for a fair price.

Availability of Games And Streamkey: When we talk about the collection of games is giving a neck to neck fight with G2A. Here you will get PC Games, keys console games and much more.

User Interface: The interface is attractive and you will love to surf on its webpage.

Price: If you love to avail huge discount this place is Macca for you. Here you can easily get a discount of up to 80%.

Payment Gateway: All this is done through the platform they have created and all the transactions are carefully handled and monitored to make sure everything is done properly.

#3 – DLGamer

If you are a game lover and feed up with the same genre of games and looking for change the best for you is This is why I Put it on the third position in my list of Website like G2A. Here you will get a variety of games of the different genre at the same place. DLGamer is known for its quick updates.

Availability of Games And Streamkey:  As already mentioned above here you will get a huge variety of different genre games. The huge number of games updated here on a daily basis.

User Interface: Smooth and easy to surf. All games are properly categories

Price: The most important for every buyer here you will get a good discount on the latest games and keys.

Payment Gateway: Highly secure Payment gateway and different mode of Payment is available here. So you have the freedom to choose any of them.

#4 – SCDkey

In the list of website similar to G2A .com.SCDkey has managed to be on the fourth position in my list of Top 5 Alternatives of G2A. Because here you will get game key at a very cheap price as compare to any other websites.One more thing their service is very fast in one word I can say this website provide you value for money.

Availability of Games And key: Here you will get most of the Cd games keys which include Steam, Uplay and Ogrin. Here you can also get gift vouchers or gift card for service like PlayStation and more.

User Interface: Hassle-free selecting and buying of products. Smooth surfing

Price: The price here you will get for the same product will be the cheapest from any other websites. Apart from this, you will also get a good percentage of discount here.

Payment Gateway: Have different mode of payment such as card, PayPal etc you are free to choose any of the payment modes as per your convenience.

#5 – GreenManGaming

Last but not the least in the list of website similar to GreenManGaming is successfully held its position on the fifth position. The main reason behind keeping this in my list the availability of AAA games. If you love AAA games and want to get it at a cheaper rate the GreenManGaming is the best place to get it. Here you will gate a huge variety of games some indie games are also available here.

Availability of Games and keys: Here you will get almost all AAA games and AddOn.It also offers in-game currency and coin packs for various games including GTA Online, EVE, NcSoft and more.

User Interface: Very clean and smooth interface. All the product are well organized and it also offers currency exchange or you can also pay the price in your own local currency.

Price: Rates are comparatively cheap and its also festive offer on the selected product.

Payment Gateway: Have different mode of payment such as credit card, PayPal etc you are free to choose any of the payment modes as per your convenience.


This is all about the top 5 Alternative of G2A. I have tried my best to pick the best similar site like All the websites mentioned above are very similar to G2A. If you want to suggest more name in the list feel free to comment in the comment box given below.