What is Clockworkmod or Custom recovery in android

While surfing internet, any forum, any blog you guys must have heard about Recovery in android and wanted to know what is it? Don’t you worry you came to the right place

So what is Recovery :- Recovery is the bootable partition that has the recovery console installed. Each and every phone or tablet has its own combination of key to be pressed to enter the recovery mode if you want the key combination just Google it “How to enter in recovery mode in XYZ” (your device name). After getting into recovery mode you will get not so many options. You can install official OS updates through the “apply update” option in it. You guys must have noticed this when you get any OTA (Over The Air) update, as the update is downloaded your device automatically boots in recovery and install it.

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Stock recovery :- Stock recoveries is designed by the phone companies. All the stuff is limited you can’t experiment more with it. And can only perform the stuff mentioned above and also such as Applying update, Formating data etc

Custom recovery and Clockworkmod :- On the other hand developers create Custom Android recoveries which has more functionallity and options. It is a must have thing if your device is rooted. You can perform many things such as Backup and Restore of the OS,Selective deletion of data, apply non official update packages, Mount partitions which enables you to copy files to the SD card. And one of the most important things of installing a Custom Rom (a non official software update created by developers) to upgrade your device.

One of the most famous name in custom recovery is “ClockworkMod” in short CWM. You guys must have heard this name when a custom recovery topic is going on. Now you guys know what a Custom recovery or a Clockworkmod recovery is. If you have any questions leave a comment below we are happy to help you or suggest us related to this or any other topic which you want us to cover.

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